New galvanic equipment


GALSUP has concluded the investment on a new electroplating equipment, with last generation technology, to fulfill market’s higher specifications, supported by “Sistemas de Incentivos do Portugal2020”. This equipment provides automatic control of processes and parameters, and total treatment traceability, satisfying the most demanding needs of customers, and will work on acidic zinc-nickel and alcaline zinc baths. This achievement was only posible because the company acquire a new industrial warehouse, which almost duplicates its operational area, and which provided the physical conditions to this new galvanic equipment.

Details of Investment and on the Appliance to “Sistema de Incentivos à Inovação Produtiva”:

    1. Project: Galvanic Line on Barrel (Proj. nº 019552)
    2. Total Eligible Costs: FEDER 388.598,85 + FSE 2.190,84€
    3. Incentive/Refundable support (FEDER): 233.159,31€
    4. Incentive/Non-refundable support (FSE): 1.303,55€
    5. Purpose: Reinforce Small and Medium companies competitiveness
    6. Execution period: 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2018.